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How can I contact Werk Schott representatives?

How can I contact Werk Schott representatives?

You can fill in the contact form at this link. After sending the message, representatives of the locality will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any immediate questions, please contact us through our telephone numbers located at the bottom of the site.

What is Pneumatics?

According to the Portuguese dictionary : Pneumatics is the branch of physics that studies the use of gases or compressed air.

What is industrial automation?

It is the use of compressed air to carry out movements, commands and exert force in carrying out a job.

What are the main pneumatic components?

These are pneumatic cylinders, directional valves, auxiliary valves and accessories, such as: air filters, connections and tubes.

What is the function of pneumatic cylinders?

Perform movements and provide power to an automation device.

What are the types of pneumatic cylinders?

Pneumatic cylinders are single or double acting.

What versions of pneumatic cylinders are available?

They are Double action with damping, Through rod with damping, twin duplex, Continuous duplex, Through rod with stroke adjustment, Single acting spring return, Single acting spring advance.

What types of mountings are available for pneumatic cylinders?

In addition to the basic assembly, we have: front flange, rear flange, angle brackets, female rear joint, male rear joint, front journal, rear journal, central journal joint.

We also have accessories for the rod: fork tip, label tip and compensato.

What is the function of pneumatic valves?

Pneumatic valves, also called directional pneumatic valves, have the function of controlling and directing the flow of compressed air.

What are the types of pneumatic valves?

Pneumatic valves are either directional or auxiliary.

What is the function of the Air Handling Kit?

The function of Compressed Air Preparation Units is to provide the correct operation of pneumatic equipment and increase the life of its components.

Why install compressed air filters ?

To retain solid particles and moisture droplets from air supply lines compressed circuits .

How to scale the filter size for compressed air ?

Checking the required flow of filtered compressed air from the machine pneumatic equipment to be fed by the filter .

What are the main parameters to consider for selecting a valve pneumatics?

Check the consumption in the unit of time, taking into account the pressure of work, i.e. what is the flow rate in a unit of time; the valve flow

should be higher than consumption .

What are the considerations in choosing pneumatic pipes and fittings?

When choosing the connections and pneumatic tubes, the screw must be taken into account and the flow of the component where the connection will be mounted.

What is the difference between BSP thread (parallel) and NPT thread (Conical) ?

The BSP thread (parallel) and the designation "G" , such as: G1/4 thread" is equal to 1/4"BSP , refers to the specification of DIN 228 or ISO 228-1 and the Sealing is made through a ring, usually rubber.

The NPT thread (conical) as the connection is being mounted (tight) , its diameter increases until the sealing and braking happen. (the use of seal PTFE "Teflon" on tape or paste for 100% sealing is required).

What is process valve ?

Process valves are valves for application in industrial processes; to open and close the passage of a fluid; water vapor, light oils, gases

neutral, water or compressed air; according to the characteristics of each valve.

What is the difference between Piloted Servo and Operated Servo ?

The solenoid valve " servo piloted " uses differential pressure (of at least about0.5 bar) to open and close; incident at the valve doors.

The "Servo Operated" solenoid valve, on the other hand, uses the combination of  the solenoid valve of direct action with that of the indirect-action solenoid valve; works with a slight pressure difference and still works with high flow of fluid .

What is an auxiliary valve?

It is the valve that completes a pneumatic circuit, in the controls of the proposed movements. For example: flow control, AND element, OR element, among others..


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